Q. How many hours must I complete in my logbook before I can sit for my probationary driving test ?

     A. You must complete 100 hours before you can sit for the probationary driving test.

Q. How long do I have to hold my learner's permit before I can sit for my probationary driving test?

     A. You need to hold 12 months/1 year learner's permit before you can sit for my probationary                     driving test.

Q. What does the Pottsy's Driving School test day package involve and how much does it cost?​

      A. It costs $ 230 & involves a 1 hour driving lesson before your test & use of my vehicle for your  minute driving test.  Includes QLD Transport fee - $ 60.

Q. What type of vehicle does Pottsys Driving School use to teach driving lessons in?

      A. The vehicles are both Automatic and Manual Mitsubishi Lancers with low KMs; it has been fitted with dual controls & approved by QLD Transport.

Q. What type of Driving Expertise does Pottsys Driving School Instructors Offer?

      A. Jared Potter has held his Driver's License for 26 years, & has an Industry Authority QLD Driving Instructors License. Jared has completed his Certificate IV in Transport & Logistics / Road Transport - Driving Instruction. Jared also holds a Positive Notice Blue Card for Child related employment and is a Member of the Australian Driver                    Trainers Association QLD.

Q. What can I expect when I get behind the steering wheel for the very first time for a          professional driving lesson at Pottsys  Driving School?​

       A. When you book your first lesson with Pottsys Driving School you can be assured that we will do our best to allow being comfortable & relaxed behind the steering wheel. A very nervous, stressed learner will find it harder to concentrate on  learning to drive safely & correctly. Here at Pottsys Driving School part of our              motto is - no stress driving lessons!

Q. What else can I expect when having a professional driving lesson with Pottsy's driving            school?

     A. You, the student will be treated with respect, courtesy & patience during your driving lesson to boost your confidence about your driving & to prepare you for your all-                     important probationary driving test.

Q. What manoeuvres will I be taught during a driving lesson with Pottsy's Driving School? 

     A. Reverse parrallel park, Turn Around / 3 Point turn, U Turns, Hill / Handbrake starts, Reverse Straight line Exercise. U Turn at a T intersection, U-turn at a 4-way intersection without traffic lights, merging on and off the Highway -  100 km speed zone safely. Straight line parking.

Q. Am I covered by insurance?

     A. At Pottsy's Driving School, we are fully insured and all our instructors have passed police and working with children checks. Rest assured we have your safety covered every time you get behind the wheel with us.

Q. How long will it take me to learn how to drive?

     A. Regardless of your stage in the learning process, with our accelerated learning                        programme you will need fewer lessons than with any of our competitors.

If you require any more information please ring  0409 403 710

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